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Using Florida Orthopaedic Physical Therapy to Cope with Chronic Pain

Although therapeutic exercises may sound like sheer torture for those coping with chronic pain, working with a physical therapist may be one of the best pain management options. At Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we offer a full range … Continue reading

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Your Orthopedic Surgeons in Florida Experienced with “30-Year Knee”

Once we have exhausted all non-surgical methods for treating a patient’s knee pain and mobility issues, total knee replacement may be the best option to restore an active, pain-free life. If you consult with your orthopedic surgeons in Florida and … Continue reading

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What It Means to Be a Subject in a Florida Orthopaedic Clinical Trial

  Clinical research continues to be a field of rapid growth which contributes significantly to the health of people around the world. During a clinical trial, researchers recruit patients with certain health conditions; administer the medication, treatment or device to … Continue reading

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Florida Orthopedic Advice: The Importance of Stretching Before Exercise

Stretching often takes a backseat to the exercise routine. Many active people believe that they don’t need to bother when going for a walk or putting in a few miles on the treadmill. However, some studies indicate that stretching prior … Continue reading

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