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5 Practices That May Prevent Low Back Pain in Florida Orthopaedic Patients

While none of us can avoid the normal wear and tear on our spines that accompanies aging, there are certain practices that may help prevent recurring low back pain. We tell our Florida orthopaedic patients that a healthy lifestyle – … Continue reading

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3 Common Causes of Low Back Pain Seen by Our Florida Orthopedic Specialists

If you’re human, at some point in your life you’ll experience low back pain which makes your usual daily activities more difficult. Back pain varies from one person to the next. It can range from mild to severe, and be … Continue reading

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FL Orthopedics Explained: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your hands and wrists are extremely complex structures, composed of many small bones called carpals, metacarpals and phalanges. The two bones of the lower arm, the radius and ulna, meet at the hand to form the wrist. Multiple flexor and … Continue reading

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Medical Tourism & Orthopedic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale

Did you know that, increasingly, citizens of other countries are seeking medical treatment in the United States? This trend is known as medical tourism, and South Florida is one of the national hotspots for these visitors in search of medical … Continue reading

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