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4 Ways to Establish a Great Relationship with Your South Florida Orthopedic Surgeon

Have you ever felt nervous or awkward while talking to your doctor? We know those drafty hospital gowns make everyone feel uncomfortable, but at Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we believe discussing your health should never make you feel … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Prevent Florida Orthopaedic Tennis Injuries in Athletes

Every year, numerous South Florida orthopaedic patients are treated at Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and thousands more at other hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and surgery centers for tennis-related injuries, ranging from elbow injuries and shoulder problems to sprained … Continue reading

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Florida Orthopedic Surgeons Explain: Rehabbing an ACL Tear

The ACL, short for anterior cruciate ligament, is a major knee ligament crucial to knee stability. The majority of ACL tears occur during sports-related activities, such as pivoting or landing after a jump. The knee will “give out” from under … Continue reading

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3 Things Our Fort Lauderdale Orthopedic Surgeons Want You to Know Before Hip Replacement

Once a patient suffers hip pain that interferes with daily activities and can no longer be controlled with medicine and other treatments, hip replacement surgery becomes an option. While the thought of a major joint replacement can be intimidating, this … Continue reading

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What Determines If I’m Eligible for a Florida Orthopedic Clinical Trial?

Every Florida orthopedic clinical trial has guidelines about who can participate. Some studies seek participants with specific illnesses or conditions to be researched in the clinical trial, while others may need healthy participants for comparison purposes. The guidelines that help … Continue reading

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