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How Our Orthopedic Surgeons in Fort Lauderdale Treat a Herniated Disk

Back and neck pain can sometimes be traced to the herniated disk, a condition in which the soft center of the flexible disk which cushions spinal vertebrae bulges out, producing pain, weakness or numbness. If you suffer from this ailment, … Continue reading

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South Florida Orthopedics Explained: The Herniated Disk

At some point in their lives, most individuals will experience back or neck pain that makes many daily activities difficult to do. A common source of back or neck pain is the herniated disk. Interchangeably called a “slipped disc,” “bulging … Continue reading

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Hospital vs. Private Practice: Why the Independent South Florida Orthopedic Surgeon is Better for Your Health & Pocketbook

Have you ever wondered if there are advantages to choosing a hospital-employed physician over a private practice South Florida orthopedic surgeon, like Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine? Will you receive better care in a hospital setting? Are the costs … Continue reading

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