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Is There a Connection between Osteoarthritis and Leptin?

Researchers at Duke University were surprised to find a possible link between leptin and osteoarthritis (OA). Leptin is a hormone in the body that regulates appetite; it also influences known OA risk factors, such as body weight, inflammation, sex hormones … Continue reading

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Could Sugar Prevent Osteoarthritis?

Researchers in the U.K. have discovered an elegantly simple solution to lower orthopedic surgery patients’ risk of osteoarthritis: sugar. More specifically, sugar mixed into the saline solution surgeons use to clean joints. People who have operations for joint injuries or … Continue reading

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How to Exercise after Knee Replacement: Tips that You Should Know

Proper exercise is critical to recovering from a knee replacement. Here are some insights about the workouts you can expect after your surgery: Exercise in the hospital A knee replacement patient may stay in the hospital three to five days. … Continue reading

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How to Know if It’s Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a categorical term for a variety of diseases that cause joint pain and stiffness. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most widespread of these. Here are some tips for determining whether your joint pain is osteoarthritis: Degenerative Disease: OA is … Continue reading

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Researchers Identify Bone-Regenerating Cell

Scientists at the Columbia University Medical Center have discovered a stem cell that rebuilds bone and cartilage in mice. In a NIH funded study, they tracked protein signatures of steochondroreticular (OCR) stem cells. OCRs, they found, self-regenerate and form important … Continue reading

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Study Links Pain while Climbing Stairs to Knee Osteoarthritis

A new study suggests that the earliest warning sign of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee may be pain while climbing stairs. The longitudinal research study examined over 4,600 patients with OA, as well as 3,200 with a high risk of … Continue reading

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