Your Orthopedic Surgeons in Florida Experienced with “30-Year Knee”

Once we have exhausted all non-surgical methods for treating a patient’s knee pain and mobility issues, total knee replacement may be the best option to restore an active, pain-free life. If you consult with your orthopedic surgeons in Florida and determine that knee replacement is right for you, the next discussion will involve which replacement knee to use.
Not all knee implant devices are made of the same material. The physicians of Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine have more than 10 years of experience with the “30-Year Knee,” manufactured by Smith & Nephew. This implant is made from oxidized zirconium, a technologically advanced metal with exceptional hardness, smoothness, and resistance to scratching and abrasion. The implant’s smooth surface is achieved by a manufacturing process where oxygen is absorbed into zirconium metal, which changes the implant’s surface from metal to ceramic. When tested under laboratory conditions, the Smith & Nephew replacement knee has been found to last longer and exhibit superior performance characteristics over the alternative material option, cobalt chrome.

One consideration for knee replacement surgery patients is whether the procedure will need to be repeated later on. This implant makes it less likely that a patient will need to undergo a second surgery. To learn more about the Smith & Nephew OXINIUM◊ knee implant and if it’s right for you, contact Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at (954) 400-5544 to schedule a personal consultation.

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2 Responses to Your Orthopedic Surgeons in Florida Experienced with “30-Year Knee”

  1. Jitka Vlckova says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I was suggested to have my knee replaced with a Smith&nephew prothesis. I’ve already both hip-joints replaced, one of them re-operated because of a reaction to cement. Now I have no-cemented protheses. The Smith&nephew products are new to the Czech rep. where I live and it is difficult to obtain any detailed info as to risks and restrictions that the replaced knee has (can you kneel?)How long does the convalescence take?
    I realize it’s not part of your job to answer questions from someone from a distant country, still I would be grateful to you if you could reply to my email.
    Thank you.
    (Mrs.)Jitka Vlckova

    • Kevin says:

      In order to advise, I would need to see X-rays and, more importantly, you! There may be non-operative options still available for you or perhaps not.
      Feel free to call and schedule an appointment at our office.
      Kevin Shrock, MD

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